Premium Load Security

At Bluestone Security Services, we also specialise in the seamless protection of your high-value assets, delivering them safely and discreetly to their final destination.

Every year, high-value goods in transit become prime targets for organised crime syndicates. Reports from TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Agency) indicate that stolen goods in transit within the EU surpass billions. This underscores the paramount importance of a tailored security escort for your valuable cargo.

Tailored Solutions Just For You: For a bespoke security package suited to your organisation’s unique requirements, connect with our specialist, Simon Shekels.
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Premium Load Security Service

Bluestone Security – Where Your Value Meets Our Vigilance.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Security Escort: Uninterrupted monitoring for peace of mind.

  • Real-time Video & Tracking: 24/7 live surveillance and location tracking.

  • Mobile Comfort for Drivers: Each escort vehicle is equipped with amenities such as a shower, fridge, microwave, toilet, and sleeping facilities for the welfare of our team.

  • HGV Secured Parking: Safeguarding your goods even during halts.

  • 24/7 Premium Goods Warehousing: Both short-term and long-term storage solutions with round-the-clock security.

  • Dedicated Investigations Team: Swift action and inquiry on the rare occasion of load discrepancies.

All our escort vehicles boast 360° CCTV surveillance, onboard first aid provisions, and extended fuel tanks, ensuring uninterrupted vigilance for your prized cargo.

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